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Afteck is a full-service developer of leading-edge IT solutions. From custom and off-the-shelf application development through systems integration solutions to IT Strategy Consulting, Afteck Networks delivers the full complement of technological solutions that deliver real and measurable benefits to our clients.

Afteck is committed to meeting and exceeding the IT needs and expectations of our clients with technologically superior and competitively priced solutions that deliver superior ROIs to our clients. As a result of our client-focussed culture and our comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technology and tools, we are a one stop solution provider.

Afteck reaffirms this commitment through the provision of full-featured software and new technological solutions that impact the way businesses operate and use information technology. Our objectives then and now are simple: to be a leading-edge, market-driven and solution-oriented company delivering measurable and sustained benefits to our clients.

In today's competitive marketplace, the ability to quickly retrieve and respond securely to messages is a critical success factor. Afteck communication solutions deliver enhanced productivity and performance for fast-paced businesses.

Afteck is simplifying access and management by unifying voice and data into one. Utilizing the latest internet technologies, our services are easy to implement, use and support. We'll reduce your hardware, software, telecommunications and labor costs. We are integrating both telephone and data networks.

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