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 Consulting (virtual CIO).

Afteck will help you make correct decisions about your technology systems by providing reviews of your IT systems and recommendations on new projects to support your business. Our vCIO service includes systems architecture, hardware, software, application capacity, migration planning, security analysis, and strategic information technology planning. With many years of experience in the IT field, we understand industry-specific business requirements and appropriate technical solutions to develop realistic and executable strategies that leverage IT to deliver real business benefits.

New Equipment Installation.

Afteck will prepare a project plan, install, configure, and troubleshoot new hardware and software (i.e., servers, PCs, networking equipment, VPN installation, email, and office/accounting applications).

Help Desk.

Get assistance onsite and remotely whenever you need it for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and how-to advice..

Maintenance and Support.

Provides you with full-service maintenance and support including reports of the completed activities including security patches, anti-virus software, hardware drivers, hard drive utilization, back-up jobs, server logs, network utilization levels, network appliance firmware upgrades, viruses and spyware removal, spam filters and pop-up blockers installation, Windows software maintenance, hard drive defragmentation, and user administration (i.e., adding or removing domain user accounts) and server access permissions.


We can help you purchase the best hardware and software at the best pricing by looking at your current environment, your business needs, and issues that your staff members are reporting.


Automated system to monitor your servers, PCs, and networking equipment to prevent problems from occurring and to also to look at trends in your IT systems.

If you like to have more information about any of these services that might be of interest to you or your company, please call us at (732) 318-6964 and speak with one of our engineers or send us an email at: services@afteck.com
At Afteck, we are dedicated to helping you reduce your IT costs significantly.

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